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Help one million women entrepreneurs each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue.

In this transformative course Sandra Yancey, eWomenNetwork's CEO, will help you grow your business by teaching you:

(M) - Mindset

(I) - Intention

(L) - Limits

(L) - Leverage

(I) - Invest

(O) - Overcome

(N) - Numbers

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Mindset and Intention

(M) - Your MINDSET — fixed or growth — influences the decisions you make. (I) - Set your clear INTENTION for your business and life has to be determined.  Start with a  mission statement … it’s a core business imperative that gives you a competitive edge that translates into revenue! 

Limits, Leverage and Invest

(L) - Learn how to set LIMITS or boundaries around managing yourself and others, as well as how to (L) - LEVERAGE your business for maximum exposure and impact. By having a plan in place, you will know exactly what has to be done. (I) - You have to INVEST in having a powerful network that works. 

Overcome and Numbers

(O) - OVERCOME Obstacles by learning motivational triggers to help you stay focused.  (N) - Learn about your NUMBERS to help you understand your business, plug in revenue during slow times and how to stay purposeful to accomplish your goals in your business.


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